Cookley Village Fayre

Cookley Village Fayre

Here’s the categories for the ‘Fun Produce’ Show taking place at the Village Fayre on Sunday 1st September…


Section A flowers and vegetables 

  1. 1 rose in a vase
  2. 3 dahlia, any type
  3. 6 sweet peas
  4. Pot plant foliage
  5. Pot plant in bloom
  6. Collection of 6 different types of vegetables on a tray
  7. 3 white potatoes
  8. 3 carrots
  9. 2 courgette
  10. 3 runner beans
  11. 3 onions
  12. Largest marrow (weight)
  13. 4 tomatoes
  14. 4 dessert apples
  15. 1 wonky vegetable


Section B preserves and baking

  1. Jam (any variety) 
  2. Chutney (any variety) 
  3. Scones, plain, fruit or cheese
  4. Loaf of bread  any variety 
  5. 3 flap Jack’s
  6. 3 biscuits
  7. A Victoria sandwich 
  8. Any variety of  cake e.g. carrot, banana, lemon drizzle 
  9. 3 cup cakes


Section C Handicrafts and Art

  1. Artwork  painting or drawing
  2. An item of needlework
  3. Any handicraft item


Section D Flower Arrangements 

  1. A Jug of Garden Flowers
  2. An arrangement  using an unusual  container e.g.shoe, wine glass, 
  3. An arrangement  of dried or artificial flowers 


Section E Children’s classes  10 years of age and under

  1. A drawing or painting
  2. Any kind of handiwork
  3. Decorated biscuits (can be bought and then decorated)
  4. 3 decorated cupcakes


Section F children 11 and over

  1. An item made from recycled things
  2. A drawing or painting on a subject of your choice
  3. Any kind of handiwork 
  4. 3 decorated  cupcakes 


Section G Photography Adults

  1. Landscape
  2. Flora and fauna
  3. Gardens 
  4. Cookley life


Section H Photography Children

  1. My pet
  2. Cookley 


The photograph must be taken by the entrant.

All entries to be brought to the village hall between 8 am and 10am on the day. Please ensure each entry has a card or tag with the name of the entrant and age if children’s class and which category you are entering. 20pence per entry. Please submit your payment on Sunday 1st September when submitting your entry. Any further details contact Amanda 0754 9698907


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